Pipes fittings are equipment used in piping networks for changing direction, controlling flow, providing support and providing many more advantages to the connection. Cupro Nickel, also referred to as copper nickel, is a copper alloy containing a good proportion of Nickel, iron and manganese. Cupro Nickel Pipes fittings are generally available in Cu-Ni 70/30 and Cu-Ni 90/10 grade, where 70/30 indicates 70% copper and 30% Nickel whereas Cu-Ni 90/10 indicates90% Copper and 10% Nickel.

Types of Cupro Nickel Pipes Fittings: Cupro Nickel Pipe fittings are categorized into Cu-Ni Buttweld fittings, Cu-Ni Socket Weld fittings and Threaded Fittings.

Cupro Nickel Buttweld Fittings: Cu-Ni Buttweld fittings is a type of pipe fittings used for changing the direction of flow, changing the sizes (increase/decrease) to control the flow, to branch pipes with other pipes and to attach other equipment. Some of the Common types of Cupro Nickel BUttweld Fittings are, Cu-Ni 90/10 Elbow, Cu-Ni 70/30 Equal Tee, Cu-Ni 90/10 Cross tee, Cu-Ni 70/30 reducer, Cu-Ni 90/10 End Cap, Cu-Ni 90/10 Long radius, Cu-Ni 70/30 Coupling, Copper Nickel Stub End, and few more.

Cupro Nickel Socket Weld fittings: Cu-Ni Socket Weld fittings is a type of pipe fitting in which the pipe is inserted into a recessed area of a pipe, fitting, valve, or flange, it is permanently fixed in that area. Socket Weld fittings are connected to pipes by the filet weld. Some of the common types of Cu-Ni Socket weld fittings are Cu-Ni 70/30 Eccentric reducer, Cu-Ni 90/10 90/45 degree elbow, Cu-Ni 70/30 Equal cross, Cu-Ni 90/10 End Cap,Cu-Ni 70/30 Bend,Cu-Ni 90/10 Equal tee, Cu-Ni 70/30 Long/Short Stub end, ect.

Cupro Nickel Threaded fittings: Cu-Ni Threaded Fittings are used from the past many years for connection of pipes. It is joined to other parts by means of threads. It is screwed into the pipe. Some of the demanding types of forged threaded fittings are threaded tee, Threaded Union, Socket weld coupling, socket weld cross, forged fittings 90 degree elbow, threaded bushing, socket weld cap, etc.

What are the advantages of Cupro Nickel Pipe Fittings?

  • Nickel present in Cu-Ni 70/30 Pipes fittings prevents it from various corrosive media present in nature.
  • Cu-Ni 90/10 Pipes fittings have low thermal expansion in moderate temperature. It has good mechanical properties along with great fabricability.
  • Cu-Ni Pipe fittings are useful in applications where prevention from corrosion is required in aqueous environment.
  • Cu-Ni Pipe fittings are used in applications where macro fouling is required.
  • Cu-Ni Pipe fittings can withstand high temperature and high pressure.
  • Copper Nickel Alloy Pipes fittings are extremely beneficial in industries where prevention from various reducing agents is required. It also prevents pipe fittings from various chemical acids.
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