If you are looking for the highest quality Copper-Nickel Fittings then, then look for manufacturers who are reputed to produce those as it needs to have experts specialized in different aspects of production for the material to be successfully produced. The factory must only render quality Cu-Ni fitting products that will match the needs of the buyer.

Usually, the customers will ask for specific grades or standards and more often, they will mention the size and the thickness of the materials that are required. The fittings have to be produced with maximum efficiency with very tight tolerances so that when fitted onto the piping system, they are able to handle the pressures, temperature differences and not enable the leak of air or gas out of the system.

Different types of Cu-Ni Fittings

The first and the majorly used fitting is the Cu-Ni Elbow. Elbows are primarily used to turn the flow at either pre-determined angles or custom designed angles as needed by the industry. The typical angles available are 90 and 45. Elbows must be designed in a way not to have pressure losses. The two commonly produced elbows are the short radius and long radius elbows.

The Cu-Ni Tee is employed to effectively combine or divide the flow of the fluid in the piping system. The tees can also connect pipes having different diameters at the cross section and they can also change the direction of the run of the pipe. Sunflex Metal Industries are renowned manufacturers of Pipe Tees, Equal Tees and Unequal Tees.

The Cu-Ni Reducer is used to reduce the length of the pipe. The concentric pipe reducer has the centre of either end of the pipe are lying on the same axis. The eccentric reducer has the centre of either end of the pipe lying on a different axis.

The Cu-Ni Cross is also known as a four-way fitting for pipes. It may generally have either one inlet and three outlets or the other way round. They are most commonly used in the lines of water – fire sprinklers.

In order to accommodate transport of fluid over longer distances that also involves pigging, the Cu-Ni Pipe bends are used. The bend is designed in a way to ensure the smoothest bend possible without any loss of pressure. The D in the types of pipe ends determines the size of the bend with 5D being the larger one as compared to the 3D.

Cu-Ni Pipe Unions are extremely useful pipe fittings that enable connection and disconnection of pipes when they require repair or maintenance. A pipe coupling, on the other hand, is used to join two pipe fittings wither with the help of differently sized threading or via the socket weld.

Advantages of Cu-Ni

Cupro Nickel Alloys have great corrosion resistance, thermal conductivity and tensile strength even at higher temperatures. Adding to this, they also have anti-microbial properties and are specifically friendly to the environment. Due to the nickel content in the alloy, the tensile, proof and hot strength of the alloy increases. But do note that the electrical conductivity decreases which is a good factor to have in the case of piping systems.

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